Koi Pond

What do you do when your client has a passion for Koi fish? Well, you design and install a Koi pond in his existing pool area, of course! After approving our working drawings, we set about bringing them to life.

A challenging brief saw our team creating a glass wall for the pond in order to view the fish from the front, and a cascading water fountain at the back with adjustable LED internal lighting for nighttime viewing. So as not to spoil the aesthetic of the pond, we also built a neat pump shed to house a full water filtration system, UV lights, aeration and foundation pumps, and a specialised water chemical feeding system.

With difficult access, this project was no easy task. But, our team found a way to bring in our mini excavator to get the job completed to the high standard we always do. The end result was a spectacular feature Koi Pond.

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