Hydra Split Blocks and Sandstone Log Retaining Walls

This large block of residential land became the canvas for a complete yard makeover. Large sandstone ballast blocks were the feature material used to craft retaining and stairs up to the pool; each block was painstakingly installed individually using an excavator and block grabs.

Custom designed and cut by our team, the stone stairs, lit by brass eyelid lights, create a grand feature, leading up to the newly renovated pool and entertainment area.

Before any stonework could be completed a new concrete slab and waterproofing were undertaken to prepare the area. Then, the pool space itself was completely rejuvenated with patterned porcelain-look pavers, installed to blend with the raised pool edge, and new pool glass fencing was installed also.

Completing the sleek, modern look was the brand new pergola. After removing the old structure, we installed a sleek new Merbau hardwood timber pergola with plumbing, electricity and a full BBQ.

The functionality of the yard was also upgraded by redoing the drainage. New piuts and underground piping were installed to allow water to flow freely down either side of the property. The final look was completed with new colourbond fencing, decorative sandstone edging, pebbled pathways, and upmarket rustic steel mowing edges.

After months of meticulous planning and implementation, the result was a breathtaking finish.

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