Heritage Carport

When dealing with heritage projects, it is really important to us to provide authentic and safe solutions that are in line with the original feel of the property. This particular project was the perfect example of that.

With the weatherboard and flooring deteriorating to a poor state, this carport needed to be redesigned with new structural support.

The first step was reconcreting the damaged floor and redecking the carport walk area. The rotted frames and trusses were replaced with new timber, the existing lower brick walls were strengthened via brick ties and supports, and the walls were resheeted with weatherboard and render to mimic the stippled texture on the existing exterior of the property.

The heritage look was completed by using a combination of the existing roof tiles and Suntuf polycarbonate roof sheets, redoing the front facia and replacing the guttering – all with seamlessly matched heritage features.

Making this space more than just a homage to heritage, our team were also able to add additional functionality by creating a usable mezzanine storage area inside the roof cavity. We also spruced up the paintwork to introduce reflective light within the area, making it less dark.

The end result – a happy client who loved the subtly upgraded design and input without changing the footprint or heritage vibe of the original carport area.

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